Relaxing for Holidays

Relaxing for the Holidays
It’s not happening I am not relaxing! I love to make things but I also love to hang out with my builder and friends and family and I want to snuggle the little one! I also have to get things done in the office. How do I balance it all? I don’t… I prioritize and set myself up for success on different days. So today… Its office, craft and Lenét. (Every day is Lenét) I used the morning nap for the office and of course it ran over nap time and Lenét decided to stand up on her own and then scoot to the media station and do it again! Using the TV for support!!!! But I did get my office work done and we had a good snuggle and little walk outside. (Snowing)
Now it’s time for some crafts… I participated in my third ever craft bazaar and I had a blast! I think I love crafting for the fellowship of fellow crafters! My builder helped me with some last minute cutting up of Doors and I have fallen in love with them and the possibilities are so endless I don’t know where to begin… but from this bazaar I received a few custom orders. Very exciting so I have been working some burlap stockings for a family of five. I am stenciling their names on them and putting feminine and masculine details on them. So fun to go through all my vintage lace and buttons.
As I mentioned in my last blog. I have started a little endeavor called: Wine Women and Wooden Words of Wisdom… Soooooo much fun! I had my first class and learned a few things… 1. Get them to commit financially – less likely to cancel when they have already pre-paid. 2) practice a few paint techniques prior to working on their first piece 3) for that matter ask if any of them consider themselves ‘crafty’ (LOL) 4) it is ok to interrupt even if you feel the topic is important- they do to and will go right back to it. 5) Snacks and wine were awesome and the icebreaker games and little gifts were a big hit! Women need to hang out, be silly, support and build each other up! I loved it and I am going to do it again!
Whew… just planning it and talking about how to organize and relax has helped me relax! I hear Lenét chatting in bed! Time for more snuggles! Till next time!

The Holiday Ramble

The ramblings of a happy crafter: As we approach Christmas I have not been diligent at all in blogging after the first one that introduces us.
What I have been doing is: having a blast crafting and playing with Lenét. I have an idea lately and my Builder will help me create the bones of it and then I get to do the details. The ideas are just poring off of Pinterest and I have even been dreaming about ideas and waking up and writing them down while I am nursing and then I make them as soon as possible. I recently scavenged some wood that you can see on my Facebook page BizyBoots… and it started to burn a hole in my pocket. After I signed up for a Christmas Bazaar at the Ellensburg Hospital I went a little crazy!

My top 3 ideas are these… a traveling class called Wine Women and Wooden Words of Wisdom, DIY kits, and cutting up old doors!  I put it out there that I wanted to do a class for friends and family called Wine Women and Wooden Words of Wisdom where I come to your home/venue and bring all the materials needed (wood, stencils, paint…) to make home decor signs. It has been a hit! I have 3 classes signed up and I am so excited! My builder has been so helpful in playing with Lenét for me when I need to do wood prep or make the stencils. He helps me be efficient in my cuts and ensures that I am making best use of the wood that I have with the least amount of left over. I have my first class in one week with 8 women! Sooo excited to bring ladies together to lift each other up and help each other and relax and make things! I will post pictures when we get one done.

My other idea is DIY kits… my Sonia sent me a picture of a wine cork wreath she wanted me to make for her and it was a lot of gluing and extra pieces… That night I dreamed that I made my corks into beads and strung them on wire… So that what I did the next day. Lenét loves the cork bucket and I get to drill till my hands hurt! People started saying I can do that I just never get around to it… so I made some kits will all the pieces because I agree there is something to be said about doing it yourself and putting it altogether. Especially with other people. So now when I look at my projects I think how can I prep this so I can make it in half the time and sell it for half the price? It is like enabling people in a good way. I even have a Women and Wine Cork Wreath class that I am going to do! Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby!

I have had so much fun! The other afternoon The Builders Teenagers were over and we were all laying around getting ready for my 40th birthday and I realized I wanted to cut up some extra doors that I had! Solid core doors cut very nicely… ask the builder! While big sister played with Lenét my builder and I decided how to get the most pieces out of each door for what I wanted and then we snap lined the sections and cut them up! I intended to sand them off and when I started sanding I found out that the previous owners had painted them white over off-white and when they were sanded to the wood they were amazingly shabby-chic and vintage adorable! I now just need to find the time to play with them!

Crating with my builder has expanded my projects and I love being on a team when I craft. My goal is to continue to blog at least weekly… we shall see

Ryan and Adrea Donogh

How We Became Donogh Custom Homes

The Crafter’s Version

So it starts with my Builder and I knowing each other in high school. I had a bit of a crush on him my freshman year… upper classman and all… but then I think I if you read my diary I crushed on everyone-every-day! But he does stand out in my mind that semester in Drama… he was handsome, kind, he stood up for what he believed, and he was amazingly creative and artistic. As it turned out I got to go to Prom with him… he was my sister’s date and I went with his families German exchange student! We had a blast and that was that!

Fast forward 20+ years and I am coaching girls wrestling (cardio coach; this is a whole other story) and his son was wrestling for another district. We re-met at a wrestling invitational in Spokane. We shared our ‘catch-up-in-a-nut-shell stories’, exchanged phone numbers and Facebooked and went on our way… “Wonderful to see you!”

Add a quick whirlwind courtship, and lots of romance and now we are married!  I now have two very cool step children and an amazing daughter. As we were starting new we chose to start a new company together… Donogh Custom Homes.  My Builder is from a family of 3 generations of builders! He has been building professionally since he was 24. Great Grandpa Builder just turned 89 this last year! I think if we lived closer he would spoil Lenét… fabulously!