How We Became Donogh Custom Homes

Ryan and Adrea Donogh

The Crafter’s Version

So it starts with my Builder and I knowing each other in high school. I had a bit of a crush on him my freshman year… upper classman and all… but then I think I if you read my diary I crushed on everyone-every-day! But he does stand out in my mind that semester in Drama… he was handsome, kind, he stood up for what he believed, and he was amazingly creative and artistic. As it turned out I got to go to Prom with him… he was my sister’s date and I went with his families German exchange student! We had a blast and that was that!

Fast forward 20+ years and I am coaching girls wrestling (cardio coach; this is a whole other story) and his son was wrestling for another district. We re-met at a wrestling invitational in Spokane. We shared our ‘catch-up-in-a-nut-shell stories’, exchanged phone numbers and Facebooked and went on our way… “Wonderful to see you!”

Add a quick whirlwind courtship, and lots of romance and now we are married!  I now have two very cool step children and an amazing daughter. As we were starting new we chose to start a new company together… Donogh Custom Homes.  My Builder is from a family of 3 generations of builders! He has been building professionally since he was 24. Great Grandpa Builder just turned 89 this last year! I think if we lived closer he would spoil Lenét… fabulously!



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