Relaxing for Holidays

Relaxing for the Holidays
It’s not happening I am not relaxing! I love to make things but I also love to hang out with my builder and friends and family and I want to snuggle the little one! I also have to get things done in the office. How do I balance it all? I don’t… I prioritize and set myself up for success on different days. So today… Its office, craft and Lenét. (Every day is Lenét) I used the morning nap for the office and of course it ran over nap time and Lenét decided to stand up on her own and then scoot to the media station and do it again! Using the TV for support!!!! But I did get my office work done and we had a good snuggle and little walk outside. (Snowing)
Now it’s time for some crafts… I participated in my third ever craft bazaar and I had a blast! I think I love crafting for the fellowship of fellow crafters! My builder helped me with some last minute cutting up of Doors and I have fallen in love with them and the possibilities are so endless I don’t know where to begin… but from this bazaar I received a few custom orders. Very exciting so I have been working some burlap stockings for a family of five. I am stenciling their names on them and putting feminine and masculine details on them. So fun to go through all my vintage lace and buttons.
As I mentioned in my last blog. I have started a little endeavor called: Wine Women and Wooden Words of Wisdom… Soooooo much fun! I had my first class and learned a few things… 1. Get them to commit financially – less likely to cancel when they have already pre-paid. 2) practice a few paint techniques prior to working on their first piece 3) for that matter ask if any of them consider themselves ‘crafty’ (LOL) 4) it is ok to interrupt even if you feel the topic is important- they do to and will go right back to it. 5) Snacks and wine were awesome and the icebreaker games and little gifts were a big hit! Women need to hang out, be silly, support and build each other up! I loved it and I am going to do it again!
Whew… just planning it and talking about how to organize and relax has helped me relax! I hear Lenét chatting in bed! Time for more snuggles! Till next time!



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