The Holiday Ramble

The ramblings of a happy crafter: As we approach Christmas I have not been diligent at all in blogging after the first one that introduces us.
What I have been doing is: having a blast crafting and playing with Lenét. I have an idea lately and my Builder will help me create the bones of it and then I get to do the details. The ideas are just poring off of Pinterest and I have even been dreaming about ideas and waking up and writing them down while I am nursing and then I make them as soon as possible. I recently scavenged some wood that you can see on my Facebook page BizyBoots… and it started to burn a hole in my pocket. After I signed up for a Christmas Bazaar at the Ellensburg Hospital I went a little crazy!

My top 3 ideas are these… a traveling class called Wine Women and Wooden Words of Wisdom, DIY kits, and cutting up old doors!  I put it out there that I wanted to do a class for friends and family called Wine Women and Wooden Words of Wisdom where I come to your home/venue and bring all the materials needed (wood, stencils, paint…) to make home decor signs. It has been a hit! I have 3 classes signed up and I am so excited! My builder has been so helpful in playing with Lenét for me when I need to do wood prep or make the stencils. He helps me be efficient in my cuts and ensures that I am making best use of the wood that I have with the least amount of left over. I have my first class in one week with 8 women! Sooo excited to bring ladies together to lift each other up and help each other and relax and make things! I will post pictures when we get one done.

My other idea is DIY kits… my Sonia sent me a picture of a wine cork wreath she wanted me to make for her and it was a lot of gluing and extra pieces… That night I dreamed that I made my corks into beads and strung them on wire… So that what I did the next day. Lenét loves the cork bucket and I get to drill till my hands hurt! People started saying I can do that I just never get around to it… so I made some kits will all the pieces because I agree there is something to be said about doing it yourself and putting it altogether. Especially with other people. So now when I look at my projects I think how can I prep this so I can make it in half the time and sell it for half the price? It is like enabling people in a good way. I even have a Women and Wine Cork Wreath class that I am going to do! Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby!

I have had so much fun! The other afternoon The Builders Teenagers were over and we were all laying around getting ready for my 40th birthday and I realized I wanted to cut up some extra doors that I had! Solid core doors cut very nicely… ask the builder! While big sister played with Lenét my builder and I decided how to get the most pieces out of each door for what I wanted and then we snap lined the sections and cut them up! I intended to sand them off and when I started sanding I found out that the previous owners had painted them white over off-white and when they were sanded to the wood they were amazingly shabby-chic and vintage adorable! I now just need to find the time to play with them!

Crating with my builder has expanded my projects and I love being on a team when I craft. My goal is to continue to blog at least weekly… we shall see



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